counting the days!!!!

15 days until Vegas!!!!!!


  1. hi,

    Found your blog via Skinny Runner's site. Have to say what an awesome job fundraising.

    In light of your cause this seems like a silly questions-but the bag-Heather?- is carrying, the black one-where did you get it? I am the pickiest person alive when it comes to bags and purses, and no kidding, I have been searching for one exactly like that forever.
    Good luck with your future endeavors and today at RNR Vegas!

    1. Hi Karla! Thank you for your encouraging words! We're very proud of all that we accomplished with fundraising and we had the most amazing supporters! Which, we could not have done without them!

      The purse is from saxsaum.org. It's not on their website, because my sister Michelle has an inside connection, but if you find a rep near you, I'm sure she could find you one just like it. I LOVE my new purse! It has lots of pockets and is spacious. You can also get an adorable makeup bag to go in it, which I'm just as excited about. I love their mission and purpose and I hope you'll support them with a purchase as well!! Good luck in your purse hunting!!


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  3. 3rd time's a charm! It's saksaum.org :)

  4. Thanks so much for your reply. I did find the website, but don't see a way to contact them other than through Outlook, which I don't have set up on my home computer. Would it be possible to have your sister contact me?

    Thanks so much