Sandpoint bound!

I saw this on the Team Challenge Facebook page the other day and chuckled....

Early afternoon on Saturday, Paul & I and the girls packed up the van and headed east to Priest River, Idaho where my family has a cabin. The 10k race Amanda (my running partner) and I signed up to run was set to start early Sunday morning, so it made sense to stay the night with my Aunt & Uncle at the cabin, 20 minutes away from the start line.

I captured this right as we drove away Sunday morning. What a beautiful day to run a race! 

There was a half marathon (this particular race is called The Scenic Half Marathon - and scenic it is!!!!) set to start 10 minutes before the 10k runners. There was also a 5k race that started 10 minutes after we did. 

me, Amanda, & her coworker Jen before the race

One of these days I will be bold enough to start at the very front ;) 

 My daughter Megan wanted me to wave as I ran by (that's me in the blue Team Challenge shirt)

About to cross the finish line with a (personal) record time of 1 hour 6 minutes and 13 seconds!!!

It looks like I was coming in for a landing!! It was prior to my celebratory dance across the finish line ;) 

post race

awkward pose - the sun was so bright and Paul couldn't see my face because of my hat, so he told me to raise my head ;) 

This race was so high tech (something we're not used to up here in the pacific northwest) they had an ipad station with our times listed! 

our post race picture courtesy of a local photographer. It got cut off, but I'm doing the Tebow pose ;) 

Overall it was a great race with a fairly flat course and moderate wind as we crossed the looooooong bridge into Sandpoint.  It's the bridge going to the right in the picture below. Thanks Google for the nice aerial shot ;) (The bridge on the left is a train track....)
The bottom edge of the land that is connected to the bridge we ran on, is right up against the water and we ran right along there for the first 2 or so miles.

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  1. Wow! Heather! you inspire me! What an awesomely beautiful course to run!